What is offered by Private Client Services?

For high-net-worth clients, Private Client Services proposes a solution for managing a portfolio that can be flexible as well as discrete. Identification of your goals, objectives and financial situation will all be considered by your expert ACG advisor. Thus, Private Client Services refers to personally managing your assets by putting together autonomic securities and other investment techniques using the information disclosed.

Is Private Client Services right for you?

You might consider Private Client Services to be a choice depending on if you:

  • Wish to benefit from the experience and capability of a discretionary investment management team.
  • Cannot manage a portfolio due to lack of time or interest.
  • Require a personalised transition plan involving the already prevailing investment accounts due to a complicated situation.
  • Have gone through the experience of a monetising circumstance such as those involving a business or investment asset sale, retirement, inheritance or distribution of insurance.
  • Wish to devise a receptive investment solution for the sake of an enduring spouse or/and heirs.
  • Want to manage investment in a tax-efficient way.
  • Are in possession of a legacy or low-basis position, focused holdings, restricted securities or illiquid investments.

A Flexible Solution

Keeping in mind, ACG’s investment philosophy, management of the Private Services account is undertaken. In order to acquire market exposure that is a true reflection of market behavior, we believe that the most steadfast way of doing so is in the diversification of assets, both within and across all asset classes. Our investment team’s approach might include the following keeping in tune with your needs:

Large-cap core equity strategy makes use of independent equity securities. The maximisation of efficient management of tax, addressing certain investment goals with the help of customization, facilitation of already existing assets and declining overall portfolio management cost is assisted with using this strategy.

A municipal fixed income strategy reduces the portfolio management cost by handling the management of distinct municipal securities.

Mutual funds are included when value can be added by using a high potential active management strategy.

Exchange-traded funds are responsible for the exposure of the portfolio to specific asset classes