What is our investment philosophy? How is that reflected ACG’s process?

Our planning strategies greatly vary throughout our clients because every investor has differing objectives, resources, and goals. Each client relationship is built upon the thorough understanding we develop in the early stages of our engagement. The same is true for all of our prospective clients. We don’t expect prospective clients to wade through strategies we have used in the past, at ACG we believe it to be more efficient to get to know the individual or family on a more personal level to discuss potential solutions that suit their personal life style and goals.

How do ACG approach equity investing?

Ashton Cole Global are an independent investment advisors. We select our advisors on their long-term track records in protecting and growing capital by taking advantage of opportunities the market presents.
Importantly, we maintain very close professional relationships with the money managers and advisors we employ, to ensure that their philosophy and strategies stay on track, as well as to monitor investment performance.

What if I have a concentrated position (e.g., large block of stock or options)?

That depends on all of the other pieces of your picture – like other planning, it is inefficient at best to consider one such issue in isolation. We have successfully guided clients in navigating the balance, unique to them, between diversification value and tax cost. John Miller’s experience as an options floor trader is particularly valuable in devising strategies for employee stock options and generating income from concentrated positions that are not yet ready to be sold.

How do ACG work with my other professional advisors?

We have a wealth of experience collaborating and coordinating with clients’ accountants, attorneys and all financial advisors. A lot of clients do not have such professional resources at ACG we are happy to recommend appropriate advisors with whom we have had a positive experience

How is ACG compensated?

To ensure that our goals are aligned with yours, we charge a two percent commission on the sale of holdings. We have ensured our company is structured so that we are compensated by sale commission only, so that you know we have no conflicts of interest (in the form of larger or smaller commissions) in the choice of investment recommendations to you.

What is a Registered Investment Advisor and what does it mean for clients?

Whereas most investment representatives of broker-dealers firms are limited to only offering the products that their broker-dealer has approved before hand, ACG is an independent advisor, this enables us to look at the entire investment world allowing us to judge what are the best opportunities for our clients.

How can I learn more?

ACG believe that there is no substitute for direct, personal one on one interaction. The information on our website provides an overview of the services and character of the ACG team, but of course it can no address the particulars of every individuals situation. Each client’s circumstances and objectives are different, specific and personal, we invite you to contact us by email or phone, to find out how we can meet your needs. Initial consultation is absolutely free, confidentiality is assured and there is no obligation.