What is the amount of risk that you are taking? Exactly how much risk do you need to take?

Risk is an integral part of all investments. However, the management of the risk is possible if one is aware of the possible nature and types of risks involved in an investment.

After careful assessment and evaluation of the client’ income requirements, risk tolerance, investment time frame and consideration of tax., ACG devise a strategy for investment that works for the individual. Monitoring of these strategies and appropriate adjustments are constantly made in accordance with requirements and continual evolution of circumstances of the client.

Not only are the investment strategies individualised as per the clients’ needs, but objective advice also provides a basis for it. This approach has the utmost advantage for our clients due to its impartial nature and freedom from conflicts-of-interest on the basis of deep-seated autonomy. Its objectivity is further strengthened by making sure that the advisors compensation is associated with the investment program’s success.

Continuous ongoing advice is provided to all our client base with the help of our Capital Preservation Process, this comprehensive strategy is helpful in providing clarity to our clients regarding their financial matters by bringing order and simplifying the approach to Wealth Management.

What separates ACG client relationships from others are its focus on providing autonomous and objective advise that acts in the clients’ best interests. “In-house” investment products, “cross-selling” is not promoted or centered for the purpose of generating broker fees. Our consultants do not receive sales quotas nor is this entertained in any way.