Capital preservation is the ultimate goal when considering the management of money. A method applied to both public and private sector securities. An array of diversified products has been established by ACG with a view on constructing long-term valuations. That can only be achieved by applying a basic fundamental of capital preservation.

The instability and unpredictability of market performance have become relevant in recent times, including the liquidity absence in the marketplace. Yet, this is a contradictory school of thought. The lack of liquidity in the markets cannot be taken as a valid confirmation just on the basis of changes that have occurred in the liquidity conditions over the past few years. We believe to achieve financial clarity we must implicate and apply complete preparation, extensive fundamental analysis and mindful application before considering any potential recommendations to our client base.

Continuous ongoing advice is provided to all our client base with the help of our Capital Preservation Process, this comprehensive strategy is helpful in providing clarity to our clients regarding their financial matters by bringing order and simplifying the approach to Wealth Management.

What separates ACG client relationships from others are its focus on providing autonomous and objective advise that acts in the clients’ best interests. “In-house” investment products, “cross-selling” is not promoted or centered for the purpose of generating broker fees. Our consultants do not receive sales quotas nor is this entertained in any way.