ACG recognise to continually help our clients improve their financial prosperity, it is imperative we evolve and customised our strategies that take into consideration the entire financial picture.

Every client at ACG is seen as an individual with unique needs and expectations. Our basic philosophy and approach has not changed over many years of service. Listening to our clients is paramount. This tailored approach creates a positive resource in developing, implementing and maintaining a business or in rendering an individual’s financial strategy.

Through our recommendation process, we assist clients in selecting the products and services that make the most sense for their situation. Appropriate distribution of assets and portfolio variability provides a basis for endorsing a “buy and hold” strategy. Studies have shown that this strategy yields better results over time than attempts to “time” the market.


Our Process Includes Five Basic Fundamentals:

  1. Establish a Safety Net of Cash and Insurance
  2. Get Started Early and Accumulate Money Systematically
  3. Reduce the Impact of Income Taxes
  4. Lower the Risk with Minimal Impact on Return
  5. Build a Portfolio Which Matches Your “Personal Profile”